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6 Tips to Help You Get More Work Done

May 15, 2019

Looking for freelancer tips to improve work efficiency and maximize potential? Follow our tips below to make your life a little easier while running your freelance business.

1. Create an essentials to-do list.
Just been assigned a major project and don’t know how to start approaching it? It may sound obvious, but creating a to-do list will help you to determine what’s required and start thinking about item priorities. Keep your list lean, though, so you can avoid it becoming out of control – start with the most important tasks to improve work efficiency on day one.

2. Measure your results, not your time.
Productivity shouldn’t necessarily be measured on how long something takes to complete. Often, we put pressure on ourselves to sit a desk until work is completely done – but this ignores the basic human nature rules of stress and fatigue. When we’re tired, our productivity levels can be depleted. When you feel forced to work beyond your daily capacity, you may also start to feel resentful towards your work. Remember to measure the great results you’ve achieved as a product of feeling energized and motivated, not stressed and overworked.

3. Create and stick to a routine.
Establishing routines is a great way of carrying out tasks faster and get used to a work rhythm. When have a good routine in place, recurring work tasks become more natural as we don’t have to ‘think’ about what’s required too much. Using online tools, such as Google Calendars to schedule events or Bookkeeping Zoom to take care of bookkeeping requirements, can help you establish a good every day routine.

4 . Automate more tasks.

One of the best freelancer tips out there is to automate where you can – it makes your life a lot easier! Pretty much every technological advancement has been made with the goal of trying to make things easier for us – that means automating basic tasks to free up time to concentrate on other tasks. Ensure you utlize programs that can help you get your routine a little more automated.

5. Relieve stress.
Stress can cause all manner of symptoms in our physical and emotional health – which in turn impacts on your energy levels, sense of wellbeing and mental alertness. Some of the most effective ways to relieve stress are eating better, exercising, getting involved in a fun, creative project or ensuring you take time out to see family and friends. Get out there and do something other than work for an afternoon and come back to it a little later.

6. Communicate better.
As a freelancer, there’ll be times when you may have to collaborate – at the very least, with the client. Having strong communication skills is therefore essential to understand a project’s scope and a client’s needs. Good communicators generally eliminate unnecessary rework and wasted time from straightening out any misunderstandings and miscommunications.

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