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6 Ways To Adopt Agile Methodology In Your Business

Jun 11, 2019

What is agile methodology? It’s the hot topic heard everywhere – from IBM to Microsoft, tech companies are leading the way in this business approach. Essentially, agile methods utilize shorter phases of work along with frequent reassessment to yield the best business results. Follow our tips below to adopt agile methodology and see how it can transform your small business.


Get focused

It’s easy to be distracted by a long list of priorities and the everyday emergencies and distractions that pop onto our schedules unexpectedly. Become focused by paring down your priorities to a shortlist of just three or four that must be done. By doing this, you can assign your agile teams the highest-priority tasks first. As you complete each item, then add another to your list.


Bring the right team in

To be agile, you must have employees who are aligned with your vision and values along with the capabilities needed to make your business successful. Make sure your project managers and key senior staff are familiar with agile methods and their practices. Key processes like small business bookkeeping can easily be taken care of as an outsourced function, so you can concentrate on your agile processes in-house.


Communicate your vision

Technological advances mean businesses of all sizes to become more agile than ever before. Adopting an agile methodology doesn’t come easy, as change can be hard to implement. Make sure you communicate what impact agile methodology will have on the overall day-to-day running of your business to other team members, showing your team how it will reach overall business goals.


Ensure team autonomy

It’s not just your top members of staff who need to be clear on agile methodology – it’s your whole team, including entry-level workers. Your organization cannot be fast and agile if people have to keep running to you every time a decision has to be made. Ensure your team has control of their work as well as a good understanding of your business’ overall agile processes.


Plan for the unexpected

Great business leaders will have flexible budgets to quickly accommodate changes in business environments – no matter what they might be. While the unexpected is by its very nature unpredictable, you can build a business culture that can turn around quickly when these events happen. With shorter sprints of work and frequent readjustment to changing priorities, your business will be more adaptive to new circumstances – should unexpected turns arise.


Constantly strive for innovation

A business that doesn’t have innovation at its core won’t excel, and competitors will take over. Make sure you invest back in your business by continuously improving and enhancing products and services in real time. Your customers will benefit, as will your bottom line. Agile methodology can help where you want to test out new products and decide if they’re right for your business or not.

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